Bright Starts Baby's First Taggies Set

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Fun Comes First!™ The Baby’s First Taggies Set™ from Bright Starts™ is a curation of amazing Taggies™ toys that are as engaging as they are calming. The gift set includes a Sweet Swaddle Pal™, a Little Taggies™ blanket, and a Chime & Go™ take-along toy. All 3 feature the tactile and irresistible Taggies™ satin tags that babies love to rub. The Sweet Swaddle Pal™ is sure to be the baby’s favorite cuddle buddy. The Little Taggies™ blanket is sized just right for little ones to hold and snuggle. This baby-sized blanket is ideal for the nursery or when out with the baby. The Chime & Go™ take-along toy entertains babies with sweet, soft chime sounds and includes a link for on-the-go, which can be attached to most carriers.

• A collection of 3 comforting toys that babies will cherish
• Taggies™ signature satin tags engage and soothe baby
• Large puppy is the perfect cuddle companion for baby as well as features chiming sounds and Taggies tags
• Small puppy with the link is great for on-the-go
• Little Taggies™ blanket features fabric tags for babies to discover