Britax Evolva 123 SL SICT Car Seat

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BX2000025423 - Cosmos Black
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Superior Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT)
Our improved SICT offers superior protection in case of a side collision in two steps. It pushes your child away from the impact in a controlled movement and then deforms to absorb energy exerted on your child. To benefit from the protection, simply adjust and adapt the SICT on the side of the car seat closest to the door.

CLICK & SAFE Audible Harness System
We know it can be difficult to find the correct balance between too tight and too loose when securing a child in a harness, so we have developed CLICK & SAFE® the system that lets parents know when the child is harnessed correctly. When pulling the harness adjuster strap you will hear an audible click when your child is harnessed to the correct tension.

Highback Booster Protection
Our highback boosters protect your child in 3 ways
• The seat shell provides head to hip protection for
your child, especially in case of a side impact.
• The upper and lower belt guides provide correct
positioning of the seat belt.
• The padded headrest provides safety and comfort
for your child’s head and neck.

Performance Chest Pads
Our performance chest pads provide comfort and reduce your child’s forward movement in a frontal collision with extra care and attention to a child’s delicate neck. They also help spread the forces from a frontal impact more evenly across your child’s shoulders and chest.

Recline Position for All Ages
The recline position provides a comfortable sleeping position for your child. Simply adjust the seat before fitting it in your car.

Easy Adjustable Headrest
Our easy-to-adjust headrest was designed especially for older children when using the 3-point seat belt to secure them in the car seat. Before you install the seat in your car, check to make sure the headrest is in the correct position – just above your child’s shoulders. The headrest can easily be adjusted to the correct position with one hand - even while the child is sitting in the seat.

5-Point Harness
We believe a 5-point harness is the safest way to secure your child in a car seat because it keeps your child safe and tight in the seat’s protective shell. In case of a collision, the harness distributes the forces of the impact across 5 points, two at the shoulders, two at the hips, and one where the harness buckles between the legs. This helps to protect your child from all directions of impact. Our padded harness can easily be adjusted with one hand to suit your child’s height.

Quick-Remove cover
Things can get pretty messy on the road. Drinks can spill and children can get car sick. That’s why we designed a machine-washable seat cover that can easily be taken off without removing the harness, so you can clean up quickly and get on your way.