Cheeky Bon Bon Baby Bolster (Promo)

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Toyland - S
Happy Bunny - S
Dream A Dream - S
Ellie & Giffy - LL
Happy Bunny - LL
Owl ABC - J
Happy Bunny - J
Up In The Air - J
Playful Whale - J
Playful Whale - S
Up in the Air - S
Owl ABC - S
Owl ABC - LL
Owl in the Woods- LL
Playful Whale - LL
Up in the Air - LL
Owl in the Woods - J

100% pure cotton for ultimate comfort and safety. Used over, under, or around your baby!

Get your growing kids a bolster for ample support when they sleep, especially if they side sleepers. It helps to improve their posture because hugging the bolster encourages them to keep their back straight.

S: 16.5 x 42.5 cm
LL: 19 x 58 cm
J: 25.5 x 81 cm

Outer Cover Material: Soft 100% pure cotton

Inner Material: 100% polyester fiber