Cheeky Bon Bon Full Length Baby Bumper

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Product Description

100% pure cotton for ultimate comfort and safety. Used over, under or around your baby!

Our newly-developed hard non-toxic foam bumpers are specially made to reduce the incidents of hands and legs getting trapped between cot rails. The firmer foam also cushions little ones' from head bumps.


Cot bumper for all types of cots.
This surrounds the interior bed edge to keep your baby safe from hard knocks.
Made from high resilience foam, the outer layer is made from 100% long combed cotton for maximum comfort.
Height is sufficient for protection yet allowing enough visibility on the usual 40-60cm rail exposure.
Do not slide easily off easily, satin ties secure it properly to the cot.
100% original design on 100% long combed cotton.
Non-toxic and non-allergenic and resist pilling.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (cm): L406 x H29