Joie SMA Baggi 4WD Stroller (1 Year Warranty)

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Joie SMA Baggi 4WD Stroller (Navy/Ladybird/Chromium)

Automatically switch tire rotation! A two-way stroller equipped with four-wheel swivel tires.

Swivel Tire
The SMA Baggi 4WD automatically switches so that the tires in the traveling (forward) direction swivel in conjunction with the switching of the steering wheel in either face-to-face or rear mode. The stroller is easy to push in any mode because the tires in the direction of travel (forward) are always free.

Easy folding and self-supporting with one hand. Can be stored compactly when not in use.

Looks Both Ways
Double-faced handle for easy switching. Comfortable pushing even if the direction of travel changes.

โ€ข Lightweight 5.6 kg
โ€ข Type A stroller that can be used from the first month of life
โ€ข Uses a yarn-dyed fabric that is comfortable to the touch
โ€ข Easy opening and closing with one hand With self-supporting function
โ€ข With newborn cushion with an improved inner cushion of a child seat
โ€ข Foot reclining 2-step adjustment
โ€ข Both face-to-face handles
โ€ข Large canopy with window (UPF50 +)
โ€ข Large-capacity storage basket
โ€ข All four wheels rotate 360 โ€‹โ€‹ยฐ automatically
โ€ข A soft 5-point belt that doesn't hurt when it hits your baby's skin
โ€ข Detachable front guard for convenient loading and unloading

Product size:
โ€ข Back: W45 x D90 x H101cm
โ€ข Face-to-face: W45 x D102 x H98cm
โ€ข Folding: W45 x D45 x H102cm
โ€ข Product weight: 5.6kg
โ€ข Target age: 1 month to 3 years old (about 15kg)