Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle 260ml Twin

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Joovy Boob PP Baby Bottle 260ml Twin

“A cost-effective choice without sacrificing quality.”

The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle is the most innovative baby bottle on the market today. Ergonomic and beautiful, the Boob is made with high-quality materials and offers the very best functionality.

The PP Boob Baby Bottle has the same advanced system as our PPSU bottle but is made from PP or polypropylene, a very durable plastic that is cost-effective. It is available in clear, blue, and purple and is BPS, BPA, phthalate, and lead-free. Each bottle is individually shrink-wrapped to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

We’ve developed the most advanced bottle venting technology, our CleanFlow™ Vent, to prevent nipple collapse, negative pressure, and colic symptoms. This one-piece ring vent is the only internal quad-vent in the baby bottle market. It provides consistent venting regardless of how the bottle is held and fits perfectly into the bottle’s neck to eliminate any misfitting that can cause leakage or inconsistent liquid flow. In addition to being the most efficient vent system, it is the easiest to clean and reassemble.

Our nipples have been designed to make transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and bottle-feeding to breastfeeding an easy and natural process. The large diameter base and nipple length assist your baby in properly “latching” onto the nipple. Our nipples are molded, not cut, with the appropriate size hole, and tested for consistency throughout production. We also take the extra step of baking our nipples, which strengthens the silicone to help prevent nipple collapse while providing constant softness. Our 5oz, 9oz, and 11oz bottles come with our Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage X nipples. We have other nipples with different flow rates available for purchase separately, from Stage 0 to X. Also available for purchase are our Naturally Nood Nipples, which have added texture for babies who don’t want to take a bottle.

With the new nipple design and patented CleanFlow™ Vent system, the PP Boob will keep your baby feeding happily with a hassle-free, high-performing bottle.

What are PP Baby Bottles?
PP or polypropylene is a cost-effective material commonly used in water bottles and other kitchen accessories. Our PP Boobs offer the best functionality at a competitive price. PP Boobs are BPS, BPA, phthalate, and lead-free and offer the safe delivery of formula or milk. The Boob has an ergonomic shape that fits nicely in your hand. Each PP Boob is individually shrink-wrapped in a cleanroom environment to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. The majority of baby bottles are manufactured with this material.

Why the Boob PP?
• The best baby bottle technology including the CleanFlow™ Vent.
• Cost-efficient.
• Advanced technology.
• Easiest to clean.
• Fewer components to reassemble.
• Available in three fun colors.

CleanFlow™ Vent Helps Prevent Colic Symptoms
The innovative one-piece, the quad-vented system is designed to reduce air intake and colic symptoms. This internal system is the easiest to clean and reassemble. During bottle assembly, there’s no need to touch the part of the vent that comes in direct contact with breast milk or formula making it hygienically superior.

Better Temperature Control
This two-piece insulation fits snugly around the bottle, keeping liquids at their desired temperature longer.