Joovy Caboose Graphite Rear Seat

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Joovy Caboose Graphite Rear Seat

Not sure if your little is ready for the Caboose’s stand on platform? Don’t sweat it. The Caboose Rear Seat is a forward facing seat you can add to the rear position on the Caboose, Caboose Ultralight, and the Big Caboose.

-Minimum age 6+ months, max weight 45 lbs.
-Five-point harness
-Folds down with the stroller
-For strolling with children less than 2.5 years old
-The Caboose Rear Seat accessory offers a full-size, forward-facing, reclining seat that is easy to install and remove when not in use.

**Additionally, the Caboose Rear Seat DOES NOT need to be removed when folding the Caboose.**
-Ideal for families that want a stand-on stroller, but their toddler is still a bit too young for the rear bench/platform.
-When your toddler isn’t quite ready for a stand on stroller, it’s time for a Caboose Rear Seat. When he’s outgrown it, just unsnap and store!