Little Zebra Baby Buddy Pillow

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Pillow Only
Pillow + [Case] Little Zebra and Fox (With Ears)
Pillow + [Case] 2 Colors Stripe (With Ears)
Pillow + [Case] Tulips Zebra (With Ears)

Small baby buddy pillow designed to give your baby comfort and a warm embrace from a loving mother.

This pillow is your child’s best buddy and provides extra comfort at any time of the day. The soothing, lightweight, and flexible features provide an extra sense of comfort and allow a buddy to cuddle in the stroller or car seat.

Design specially for 12 – 30 months old babies.

Made with 100% natural latex

Naturally Hypo-allergenic – Great for babies with allergies since it is dust mite, mold, and bacterial resistant to ensure a healthy sleeping environment – Smile and say “bye” to sniffles, itching eyes, and congestion

Size: 17cm x 39cm

Soft Bamboo Pillow Case (With Ears)

Soft bamboo cover for the Pillow. Fitted. Soft and airy. Breathable. Machine washable. Ideal for users who frequently change pillowcases for hygiene.

Pattern: Little Zebra and Fox/ 2 Colours Stripe/ Tulips Zebra

Material: Soft Bamboo for absolute comfort and healthy sleeping