Little Zebra Big Contour Pillow

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Pillow + [Case] Little Zebra and Fox
Pillow + [Case] Airy
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Pillow + [Case] Tulips Zebra

Big contour pillow designed for toddlers with physiques between 2 – 4 years old.

A slightly bigger pillow can be used after 2 years old. The pillow should be contoured in order to encourage the natural alignment of the spine during sleep.

Design specially for 2 – 4 years old toddlers.

Made with 100% natural latex.

Naturally Hypo-allergenic – Great for young toddlers with allergies since it is dust mite, mold, and bacterial resistant to ensure a healthy sleeping environment – Smile and say “bye” to sniffles, itching eyes, and congestion.

Size: 22cm x 40cm


Soft Bamboo Pillow Case

Soft bamboo cover for the Pillow. Fitted. Soft and airy. Breathable. Machine washable. Ideal for users who frequently change pillowcases for hygiene.

Pattern: Little Zebra and Fox/ Airy/ 2 Colours Stripe/ Tulips Zebra

Material: Soft Bamboo for absolute comfort and healthy sleeping