Little Zebra Latex Baby Sleep Positioner

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Positioner Only
Positioner + [Case] Little Zebra and Fox
Positioner + [Case] 2 Colors Stripe

Dimension: 25cm x 10cm x 1pc, 30cm x 10cm x 1pc
Include 1 cotton fabric case
100% Natural Latex and Cotton Lining for Comfort and Healthy Sleeping
Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Dustmite, Durable Easy to clean

Store in a cool dry area

Soft Bamboo Pillow Case

Soft bamboo cover for the Pillow. Fitted. Soft and airy. Breathable. Machine washable. Ideal for users who frequently change pillowcases for hygiene.

Pattern: Little Zebra and Fox/ 2 Colours Stripe

Material: Soft Bamboo for absolute comfort and healthy sleeping