Little Zebra Latex Easy Baby Mattress With Optional Soft Bamboo Cover

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11532 - Easy Mattress
11532+320111 - Easy Mattress+Soft Bamboo Cover
Little Zebra Latex Easy Baby Mattress With/ Without Soft Bamboo Cover
Made with 100% natural Talalay latex.
Naturally Hypo-allergenic Great for babies and young children with allergies since it is dust mite, mold, and bacterial resistant to ensure a healthy sleeping environment Smile and say bye to sniffles, itching eyes, and congestion.

- Soft bamboo cover for Baby Mattress
- Silky and fitted
- Soft and airy
- Breathable
- Machine washable
- Ideal for users who frequently change mattress covers for hygiene
- Elastic back for easy handling.
- Color – 2 Colors Stripe

Material: 100% natural latex mattress & bamboo cover for absolute comfort and healthy sleeping

Size: 60cm x 100cm x 2.5cm





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