Little Zebra Latex Toddler Pillow

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Case: Elephant Kingdom
Case: Little Princess
Case: Pretty Ballerina
Case: Prima Ballerina
Case: Loving Owls
Case: Sweet Dream Koala
Case:Be Yourself
Case: Birds Show

The Latex Toddler Pillow is specially designed for toddlers between 3 – 5 years old. This pillow has a wider dimension to allow for more movement space.

Made with 100% natural latex.

Naturally Hypo-allergenic – Great for toddlers with allergies since it is dust mite, mold, and bacterial resistant to ensure a healthy sleeping environment – Smile and say “bye” to sniffles, itching eyes, and congestion.

Size: 26cm x 50cm

Little Zebra’s Cotton Pillow Case for Toddler Pillow: The Perfect Companion for Dreamy Nights

Are you in search of a toddler pillowcase that ensures comfort, safety, and durability? Because if you are, look no further. Introducing Little Zebra’s Cotton Toddler Pillowcase, a product designed with your toddler’s sweet dreams in mind.

Cotton Toddler Pillowcase: Premium Quality, Comfort, and Care

First and foremost, this pillowcase boasts 100% pure cotton fabric. Such a feature not only makes the pillowcase soft but also breathable. The fabric’s breathability helps regulate temperature, therefore ensuring your little one doesn’t get too hot or cold during their restful sleep.

Designed for Durability

Besides the superb comfort, our cotton pillowcase offers exceptional durability. This product is built to last, withstanding the test of time and toddlerhood. You won’t be needing to replace it anytime soon, and that’s a guarantee.

Safe for Your Toddler

When it comes to products for toddlers, safety is always paramount. This pillowcase was designed with your child’s safety in mind. It features hypoallergenic materials, most importantly reducing the chances of any allergic reactions. It also comes with a secure envelope closure, keeping the pillow safely tucked inside.

Easy to Maintain

Beyond comfort, durability, and safety, this pillowcase scores high on ease of maintenance. The fabric is machine washable, meaning you can throw it in with your regular laundry. Therefore, you save time and energy for more fun activities with your child.

Aesthetic and Versatile

Additionally, the Little Zebra’s Cotton Pillow Case is visually appealing. The aesthetic design ensures it fits seamlessly with your child’s bedroom decor. With an array of colors available, you have the option to choose one that best suits your child’s room.

Why Little Zebra’s Cotton Toddler Pillowcase?

Our Little Zebra’s Cotton Pillow Case for Toddler Pillow is not just a pillowcase; it’s a solution. It covers every aspect you would want in a toddler pillowcase – comfort, durability, safety, easy maintenance, and aesthetics.

When you choose our pillowcase, you’re choosing quality and care. You’re choosing a product designed with your toddler’s needs in mind. So why wait? Give your child the comfort and safety they deserve with Little Zebra’s Cotton Pillow Case for Toddler Pillow.

Soft cotton or bamboo cover for the Pillows. Fitted. Breathable. Machine washable.

Available in designs:

• Elephant Kingdom

• Little Princess

• Pretty Ballerina

• Prima Ballerina

• Loving Owls

• Sweet Dream Koala

• Be Yourself

• Birds Show

Suitable: Little Zebra Latex Toddler Pillows

Material: Soft cotton jersey for absolute comfort and healthy sleeping