Lucky Baby Anti-Slip Rubber Bath Mat

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Lucky Baby Anti-Slip Rubber Bath Mat (Blue/Pink)

Non-Slip™ Suction Bath Mat makes bath time safer and easier. The textured surface keeps your little one from slipping and sliding when entering or leaving the tub, while the skid-resistant suction cups keep the mat securely in place. It is easily portable for travel or overnight stays - Simply place the mat suction caps facing the bath or shower surface and press firmly into place. Your little one is free to wiggle, waddle, and shake their tail feather safely around the tub. And once bath time is over, you can swoop them under your wing for safekeeping.

Product Details:
• 43cm X 26cm
• 100% Natural rubber
• Nitrosamines FREE
• BIO-Degradable
• Slip-resistant suction cups to stay in place on slippery bath surfaces.
• Adheres to the shower floor with SUCTION CUPS
• Easily PORTABLE for travel or overnight stays
• Great for use in the bathtub to PREVENT accidental falls
• Ideal for the shower, providing reliable slip PROTECTION on almost any non-textured surface
• Designed to minimize accidents during bath time
• Holes - allow water to drain off easily
• Non-slip textured surface