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When the child reaches 3 months of age, he has begun to move his wrist freely and gradually gain grip. Focus on games such as grabbing, holding, turning, pulling, etc. to help your baby exercise. In addition, these toys are specially designed for babies in terms of shape, size, and function, and fully take into account their physical and psychological characteristics. They are safe and convenient educational toys for babies. Ability training: vision, hands-on brain, mastery, interest training, intellectual development, emotion, other ability training, hand-eye coordination, crawling

  • Cultivate children's curiosity : Exercise your child's hands, fingertips, eyes, ears and body
  • Sensory Development: Colourful rattle toys can stimulate children's visual and auditory nerves / Teach the baby to recognize colours.
  • Limb Coordination and Movement: Grasping, pinching, shaking game activities, train the baby's hand/eye coordination, grasping ability and touch.
  • Imagination and Creative:Rich colours and diversified play methods can allow children to develop endless creativity and imagination