Lucky Baby Natty™ Hot Safe Spoons 2pcs

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Natty™ Hot Safe Spoon is the ideal spoon when child is ready for feeding. It comes with soft edge which protects child’s delicate gum. Each one is heat-sensitive and adjusts hue when your food is too hot for your child. No more guessing or worries, it makes meal time safe and easy it is ergonomically designed to make it easy for your child to take food off the spoon. Long, strong and durable handle allow parent to comfortably feed their child. Ideal for travel and home usage. Usage: Dip Spoon into baby's food or liquid and stir for 15 secs. If spoon changes colour allow food to cool and rinse spoon under cold water. Repeat until spoon does not change colour. Mild colour change will be the perfect temperature for baby to consume