Lucky Baby Navigation Bridge Fun Steering Wheel Light & Music (promo)

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  • Sound simulation: It has a car sound simulation function, which are real and interesting, allowing babies to learn to recognise these from an early age the sound of.

  • Car functions: It has car simulation functions such as turn signal, horn, accelerator, etc. When going out for a self-driving tour, children can bring their exclusive steering wheel and drive with their parents at the same time to understand the basic functions of the car.

  • Educational significance: With buttons on the steering wheel, your child will be taken to the car driving simulation scene. It allows your children to experience traffic knowledge, stimulate their imagination, and improve motor coordination and concentration.

  • Best gift: The best gift for toddlers, boys and girls, birthday parties or Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Children's Day.

  • Has an easy grip handle, ideal to tag along anywhere.

  • Adjustable strap to hook on stroller, carseat, highchair or anywhere which is possible.

  • Size: 22.5 x 17 x 9.5cm

  • 3xAA Battery (Not included)

If you travel a lot in the car with your child, this steering wheel could be the perfect solution for you! Just attach this steering wheel to the headrest of the front seat so that your child can also drive while sitting in the back! Thanks to this toy, your child will love driving because he or she will not be bored during the journey and the steering wheel will make the journey more enjoyable! This toy will develop your child's motor skills by turning the wheel. The toy also has lights and sounds, so this helps develop your baby's senses. Your child can switch on the fun and interesting sounds and lights using the buttons. This steering wheel will also help develop your child's imagination while driving! This toy is the perfect and original solution for Little Drivers.