[Made in Japan] Pigeon Nursing Breast Pads Premium Care (102pcs) (16081)(Promo)

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Pigeon Nursing Breast Pads Premium Care for Sensitive Skin is specifically designed for delicate nipples. Fluffy center to protect your delicate nipple, soft and silky for sensitive skin. Maintains shape with a 3D-designed pad.

The pads can absorb a large amount of milk without leaking. The highly absorbent sheets trap the milk, comfortably keeping the skin dry and smooth. The sheet has a soft cushion to protect the mother’s breast. 5 stay put tape strips (1.2 times wider than our previous tape) secure the pads to the breasts to prevent slippage.

Why we love this product:
Ultra slim and discrete, maintaining form and smooth shape with its 3D-cup structure even with the heaviest flow!
Instant absorption polymer that can draw milk away quickly
The surface sheet of Pigeon's breast pads is made of polyolefin non-woven such as polyethylene. Feel soft and comfortable.
Five adhesive strips keep the pad in place!
The breast pads are packed in pairs for easy dispensing. The first and second sheets are easily removed from the packaging.

Product Dimensions: * May have slight variation
Width: up to 125 mm
Height: up to 130 mm
Tips of use:

Please change it every 3-4hours at the standard of breastfeeding time. By exposing the breast milk with rich nutrition to the body temperature, it would be easy to turn moldy in a pad. Replace a pad with a new one frequently.

An absorbing polymer in a nursing pad granulates into jellylike if it absorbs water. When the granular attaches to the laundry, dry the laundry and dust it. After that rinse in a washing machine tub 2-3 times, and spin-dry repeatedly.

Notice of Expiry:
All unopened Pigeon nursing pads are able to last up to two and a half years from the date of manufacturing as long as the product remains unopened and preserved in a normal environment. However, contents might experience sight alterations when stored in places containing high temperatures, and wide-ranging changes in the temperature, humidity, and/or direct sunlight. Please do not use the product if it smells strange when the package is opened, or if it is discolored. Please do not store it in areas with high temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight; use it as soon as possible after opening the package.


After opening, it is wise to use it within 3-6 months.