Medela Swing Flex Single Electric Breast Pump (Promo)

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Medela Swing Flex Single Electric Breast Pump - More Comfort with Flex Technology

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Shaped around you -
Every mum is different. Your breast shape is unique and can change throughout your breastfeeding journey. With our new PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield, you can easily adapt the way your Medela breast pump fits to help you find the most comfortable, effective, position to express.

A more natural pumping experience -
When your baby latches on, he sucks quickly at first to start the milk flow, then more slowly to feed. Medela 2-Phase Expression® technology mimics these instinctive rhythms for a more natural-feeling and comfortable pumping experience.

Simple to operate, comfortable to use -
Medela Swing has a very simple design and is extremely portable. It’s easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning so all parts can be sanitized quickly.

What's included in the package:
1 x Swing motor unit
1 x mains adapter
1 x 150 ml bottle with lid
1 x bottle stand
1 x PersonalFit Flex™ connector
1 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 21 mm
1 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 24 mm
1 x IFU Swing Flex / Swing Maxi Flex™
1 x Quick Card





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