[New Launch] Joie i-Plenti Signature Car Seat (1-Year Warranty)

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Key features:

Safest & longest-term

The i-Plenti toddler-to-booster seat is packed with premium safety features and luxe detailing and is the most affordable extended harness seat of its kind with i-Size certification. The only seat your child will need from 15 months to 12 years old, it meets the highest R129 safety standard and is trimmed with our most luxurious styling, so you can stick to your budget without compromising safety or style.


Extended 5-point harness

The 5-point harness fits children all the way up to 19.5 kg or 105 cm (approx. 4.5 years old!), distributing force across their strongest body parts and removing the risk of ejection during a crash. Perfect for kids who aren’t ready to ride properly with just a seat belt, the extended-use harness keeps them securely positioned throughout the car ride even if they’re wiggly or sleeping.


Auto Adjust™ side panels

Your growing child won’t feel squished as they reach new heights: The AutoAdjust™ side wings automatically widen when you raise the headrest, giving your passenger more shoulder space to stay comfortable in their car seat.


Lower body insert

Your baby can graduate straight from their infant carrier to the i-Plenti at 15 months, thanks to a plush lower body insert that ensures a snug and secure fit even for smaller passengers. Simply remove the insert and adjust the headrest as your child grows so they can enjoy a correct and comfy ride all the way from toddler to big kid.


Reclining seat

A deluxe 3-position recline accommodates the child who wants to take in the sights, lean back to snooze, or stretch out their legs. With no reinstalling necessary, parents can quickly fine-tune the recline for customized comfort on the go.

Extra side impact protection

Your child’s seat is secure from the inside out with 5 layers of side impact protection that meet the highest R129 safety standards. The reinforced steel shell sets an ultra-strong foundation, while the state-of-the-art TriProtect headrest features 3 layers of impact-reducing foam and a layer of Intelli-Fit™ memory foam that absorbs force to shield still-fragile heads and necks. As an additional safeguard, Guard Surround Safety™ pods connect to either side of the headrest to absorb impact during a crash.

• Model: C1908B
• Weight: 13.00 kg (Weight does not include insert)
• Size: L 53-58 x W 47-58 x H 63-80 cm
• Seat Angle at most reclined: Lowest Headrest L 57.6 x W 46.5 x H 62.8 cm
• Seat Angle at most reclined: Highest Headrest L 57.6 x W 51 x H 79 cm
• Testing: ECE R129/03 and i-Size certification