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My real Pink potty is the perfect solution to your little one's toilet training needs.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to toilet training. So what better way to do it than with this realistic training toilet that looks & feels just like an adult version. Who knew an adult-looking toilet on a mini scale could be such a must-have!

With so many awesome features including a real life-like toilet flushing sound when you press the flush button, a lid that opens & closes & an integrated splash guard design that actually stays in place (hurrah) you'd be potty not to get your little one practicing using this.

What else makes this training toilet awesome. Well, it's got a back tank that locks in place & fits full-sized wipes, it features an anti-skid rubber base so it won't be sliding away while there's a training session taking place & The pot is removable for super Easy cleaning. Every kid is different but when it comes to the right time for your little one to start their potty training journey, you can be confident they'll get it much more easily & quickly with this portable toilet by your side!