NUK 2 in 1 Sterilizer & Dryer + Bottle Cleanser 750ml x2 Bundle Set (Promo)

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Bundle Include:
-2 in 1 Sterilizer and Dryer
-Bottle Cleanser 750ml x2
-Premium Choice Limited Edition 300ml PA Bottle with Genius soother
-Deluxe Bottle Brush

2 in 1 Sterilizer and Dryer:
• 99.99% of germs kill rate
• 3 working modes
• Rapid sterilization and dry process
• For up to 6 bottles and accessories
• Product weight ~2.1 kg
• Product Dimension 24cm (L) x 24.4cm (W) x 41cm (H)

Bottle Cleanser:
• Fight against milk protein and residues of thicker feeds, cereals and juices
• Rinse fast and easily
• Gentle and mild on skin
Directions of use
1. Dilute NUK Bottle Cleanser with water to your desired concentration to clean bottles, teats, toys and other bottle accessories.
2. Rinse thoroughly with water.
3. Recommend sterilizing bottles, teats and bottle accessories after cleansing.
Product Information:
With ingredients based on renewable raw materials. Free of allergic fragrance and eyes. A slight discoloration of the liquid is natural and does not diminish the quality of the product.

Premium Choice PA Bottle with Soother Set:
Teat sizes: Size 1M (For newborn to 6 months old)
Product material
Teat : Silicone
Bottle : Polyamides
Bottle Capacity: 300ml 
Product features:
• With orthodontic silicone bottle teat size M (medium-sized hole) for baby formula
• With NUK Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM to help prevent baby colic
• Bottle made from high-quality Polyamides (PA) Clearity, free from harmful substances ultra light, highly robust and even suitable for freezing
• Including protective cap, blind covers and threaded ring
• Soft silicone
• BPA-free
• PA bottles are not suitable for use in the microwave