NUK Milk Bottle Vegetable Cleanser Bottle & Refill

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950ml Bottle
750ml Refill Pack
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NUK Milk Bottle and Vegetable Cleanser Refill 750ml Features:
● Made with 100% food grade ingredients that is ideal cleanser for safely care of babies.
● Effective and safe cleaning for nursing bottles, nipples, baby accessories and toys, as well      as fruits and vegetables.
● Can remove germs on fruits and vegetables.
● Remove stubborn milk stains effectively.
● Plant-derived.
● No phosphate.
● No paraban.

Direction of use:
For baby bottles or accessories - Apply few drops of cleanser on brush or sponges, clean and then rinse thoroughly with water for more than 5 second.
For food and vegetables - Washing in basin, dilute 4ml (approx. 2 pump amount) of cleanser with 1L of water, soak for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water for more than 30 seconds.