NUK Oral Wipes x 3 Boxes + Bathtime Sponge x 2pcs (Promo)

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This Bundle Includes:
• Oral Wipes 25 Sachets x 3 Boxes
• Bathtime Sponge x 2pcs (Random Colour)
• FREE 50 Sheets of Baby Wipes (5 Packs x 10s Baby Wipes)

NUK Oral Wipes

NUK Oral cleansing begins even before the baby’s teeth start to erupt. Wipe the gum with NUK Oral Wipes after each feed. This cleans the mouth to reduce the growth of bacteria and introduces your child to the oral cleaning procedure early.

As it is made of exceptionally soft material, it does not irritate the baby’s mouth. It is widely used in removing mucous, releasing phlegm, or applying a solution to any area of the oral cavity. It helps reduce the breeding of bacteria in the mouth while maintaining oral hygiene for the baby. The wipe is individually air-tight sealed, hygienic, and convenient to carry around.

What's in the box
25 x Oral Wipes

Want to know more:
How to clean your baby's oral cavity
1) Sit your baby on your lap, facing to one side.
2) Support its head with your arm and hand.
3) Use the index finger or thumb of your arm and hand.
4) Use the index finger or thumb of your supporting hand to open its mouth and support its lower jaw.
5) Wrap NUK Oral Wipe around the index finger of your other hand.
6) Wipe the roof of the mouth, tongue, and gums.


NUK Bathtime Sponge

NUK Bathtime Sponge help your kids to scrub away all the muck from playtime and make bathtime more fun.