NUK Sterilizer & Dryer + Thermo Bottle Warmer + 10packs x 10 Sheets Wipes (Promo)

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Bundle Include:
- 2 in 1 Sterilizer & dryer x 1
- Bottle warmer x 1
- 5x10sheets wipes x 2

Sterilizer + Dryer:
-Place up to 6 bottles each time for sterilize.
-Additional tray to place smaller accessories on top.
-The flexibility of removable rods to place bigger items.
-3 working modes: Sterilize only, Dry only & Sterilizer and Dry.
-Automatic turn-off function once complete.
-Sterilization: 10mins; Drying: 35mins.

-Warms evenly
-Gentle defrosting
-Easy to check with a light to indicate the warming phase
-Automatic keep-warm setting
-Overheat protection
-Comes with a practical basket
-Suitable for liquid and soft food in conventional jars and bottles