OXO Tot Stick & Stay Suction Bowl

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The Stick & Stay Suction line includes a Bowl, Plate, and Divided Plate that features a secure suction base that sticks firmly to surfaces until mealtime is over. The parent-friendly design makes these plates and bowls easy for grown-ups to remove, but tricky for little ones, to prevent slipping, tipping, or tossing. The side walls are designed to help tots with scooping to help promote self-feeding. These dishwasher-safe bowls and plates quickly twist apart for thorough cleaning.

- Tantrum-proof Bowl seals securely to surfaces until mealtime is over
- Bowl base and silicone pad designed to prevent sliding, tipping, or tossing
- Opening allows parents to easily remove Plate while making it difficult for little ones to figure out
- Bowl and pad twist to separate for thorough cleaning
- Bowl features tall sidewalls to help tot with scooping and self-feeding