Parklon Bubble Up Mat Rainbow Dream - L40 - 2100 x 1400 x 40mm

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Parklon Bubble Up Mat Rainbow Dream - L40 - 2100 x 1400 x 40mm

Product features:
- Passed stringent European toy safety standard, Bubble UP play mat is free from 6 major phthalates and 20 major heavy metals.
- With durable PVC material on the external and high-density cushions on the internal that absorb impacts and reduces noise traveling between floors.
- Material is with high elasticity and excellent restoration.
- Waterproof
- With reversible surfaces that come in different designs that will compliment any interior spaces.
Dimensions Size: 2100 x 1400mm x 40mm, ~12kg

Material: Eco friendly, Nontoxic & Non-Phthalate Soft PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) on the outside and multi-compression fabric cell on the inside With SGS safety certification.

This item is packed in a plastic sleeve into a carton box.
Carton size: 74 x 143 x 14cm.

This newly improved Bubble UP mat is an upgrade to the bubble play mat.

With nontoxic soft PVC material on the outside and a high elasticity bubble foam on the inside, this Bubble UP mat acts like a cloud wrapping your baby and protecting him/her from hitting the hard floor.

This simple and plain color background with a Rainbow motif design is such a 'happy' print! The reverse side is a grey background with a little star pattern which will make small toys visible. This cushy and comfortable play mat will be a popular resting space for the whole family!

[ Frequently Asked Question ]

1. How to get rid of "Impression" and creases on my bumper playmat?

It is normal to see those creases for the first at least 2-3 weeks. They need time to slowly fade away. Yes, this applies to all the Bumper Playmats. It is best that for the initial period that you do not fold them during the night or when it is not in use just to speed up the "straightening" process.


2. There is some smell from the Bumper Playmat when we first open it, it is safe for my baby?

Just like the "new" smell in a brand new car, a new pair of shoes or a hand bag, the mat has been manufactured and then contained in the packaging right after it was made, therefore it has a 'new' smell to it. It is non-toxic and completely safe, so you don't have to worry. Wipe the mat clean with water and a mild baby soap, the smell will go away just like it does with other new products.


ALL Parklon and LG play mats have been scientifically proven to be safe and eco-friendly. ALL our play mats have passed the vigorous chemical stability test given by the world's most prestigious certification organisation (*SGS). They are even safe for children with sensitive skin.


* SGS stands for Societe Generale de Surveillance. With the head office in Geneve, Switzerland. SGS is an organization that provides inspection, testing, certification, and verification services of new products.

Please refer to our "Latest News" section for the latest news and updates on ALL safety certifications obtained from SGS for all our products at SSW