Pigeon Bath Floating Thermometer (White Bear)

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Recommended for when bathing a baby. Float this cute white bear bath water thermometer in the tub when bathing your baby to check the accurate temperature.

Use your hand to stir the water before using to ensure even temperature across the bath water.

Always warm hand before bathing your baby.

How to use
In order to measure accurately, stir bath water well. Then submerge the bath thermometer into the bath water. While submerging, swirl the thermometer at the base of the tub / basin about 5 seconds before letting go. Leave the bath thermometer to float about 3 seconds before reading the temperature.


How to clean the products
Immediately after use, drain out the bath water well.

This product is for measuring the water temperature when taking a bath. Please avoid using it for any other purposes. Always warm hand before bathing your baby. Hot water gets hotter at the top, stir well bath water before measuring. Dropping or hitting or leaving product floating in hot boiling water may damage product.Do not use product that are damaged or have run out of liquid, when the red temperature sensitive liquid has separated. Do not leave in -10°C or below, or use and leave it in hot water of 60°C or above.Keep out of reach of children. Be careful not to let children touch glass tube.