Pigeon Children Toothpaste (Strawberry/Orange) (Bundle of 2)

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Strawberry x 2pcs
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Keep plaque and germs away with Pigeon children toothpaste (strawberry) 45gm. Maintain oral hygiene while preventing tooth decay effectively. Formulated with special ingredients like glycerin and calcium phosphate, the kids toothpaste promotes healthy gums. It tastes good and is harmless even if swallowed.

Yummy Strawberry/Orange Flavour

Protect your child's teeth with the Pigeon baby toothpaste. This toothpaste for kids comes in exciting strawberry flavour which will make brushing time a fun time for your little one. Pigeon toothpaste is formulated with special ingredients like glycerine and calcium phosphate that will produce less foam. These ingredients and flavouring of the toothpaste are harmless even when swallowed by your little one. Your baby will definitely love the fragrance and taste of the yummy strawberry/orange-flavoured toothpaste. Available in a pack of 45 gm, this toothpaste is meant for kids between the age group of 1 and 6 years. The toothpaste from Pigeon is indeed a great way to clean your baby's teeth to keep dental woes away.

Protects your Baby's Teeth from Tooth Decay

Another important feature of the Pigeon strawberry toothpaste is that it protects your baby's teeth from tooth decay. The strawberry flavour of this toothpaste has another benefit to offer. It helps in developing the taste buds of young babies while cleaning the gums and teeth. Ensure your baby has healthy and strong pearly whites with the help of this toothpaste for children. This children's toothpaste promotes healthy gums and also prevents tooth decay. Regular and proper brushing of your teeth with this toothpaste will ensure strong gums and healthy teeth for your little angel. Inculcate the habit of brushing with this exclusive strawberry toothpaste.