Pigeon Natural Botanical Skincare Starter Kit (Promo)

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Introducing our Natural Botanical skincare Starter Kit! Taking care of your baby’s skin is easy and smooth with this comprehensive set including essential items that contains over 90% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically Tested. Safe for newborns.

Bundle 78409B
What’s inside?
1. 2 in 1 Head & Body Wash 200ml x 1pc (worth $8.00)
2. Milky Lotion 200ml x 1pc (worth $8.00)
3. Water Gel 200ml x 1pc (worth $8.00)
4. Massage Oil 120ml x 1pc (worth $8.00)
5. Plantmade Gentle Wipes 70s x 1pc (worth $4.90)
6. Dry Bamboo Wipes 70s x 1pc (worth $7.90)