Pigeon Softtouch MYPRECIOUS Bottle Glass Bottle (Promo)

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Pigeon Softtouch MYPRECIOUS Bottle Glass Bottle - SS - Bear/ Hedgehog (80/160ml)

- Made from Borosilicate Glass Material, this bottle offers excellent transparency and able to withstand the high-temperature sterilization process. SS size nipple is specially designed for newborn babies. The tip of nipple size fits perfectly and extra soft silicone material encourages natural sucking even in the newborn babies.

How to assemble?
Insert the nipple into the top of the cap.
Grasp the shield firmly.
Place over the cap.
Press down firmly.
Press with your finger to make sure that the ventilation valve opens.
Glass bottles may break when a sudden impact is made such as dropping.
Please make sure there is no crack, flaw, or break especially around the screw area every time before using