Pigeon Straw Bottle Kurutto 330ml

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Pigeon Straw Bottle Kurutto (Animal/Flower/Dinosaur)
● Large capacity 330ml

● Abundant line-up that is easy to match

● Wide-mouth bottle for sponge

● Simple design with few parts The number of parts is six. The simple design makes it easy to wash and disassemble and assemble easily.

● Rotary hood that opens and closes easily A hood that opens and closes the straw easily by simply turning it around. There is also a mark so it can be easily opened and closed at the correct position.

Disinfection method: The straw tube can only be disinfected with chemical solution.
Raw materials: Bottle / Food / Handle: Polypropylene
Straw spout / Packing: Silicone rubber
Straw tube: Polypropylene
Cold resistant temperature: -20 ℃