Tiny Love Meadow Days Christopher Wind Chime

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[ Features & Benefits ]
• Produces sweet sounding audio feedback
• Stimulates senses & helps develop fine motor skills
• Engaging high-contrast basic colors
• Wind chime
• Variety of playful, soft textures
• Crinkly fabrics
• Easy-to-grasp ring
• Named after the great explorer, Christopher Columbus

[ Age Tips ]
Use the clip to hang the take-along toy on your baby's infant seat, stroller, or crib for on-the-go and indoor fun.

0-2 months
Hold the toy around 10 inches away from your baby's face and, after baby's gaze focuses on the toy, slowly move it from side to side.

2-4 months
Baby randomly reaches out with her hand to touch the toy, causing it to swing and move.

4-6 months
Baby’s grasp reflex disappears and her hand-control improves, allowing her to reach out confidently and pull the toy to make it jitter. Note that the fun peek-a-boo feature can help baby take her first steps in understanding object permanence.