Lucky Baby Go Snuggly Pod Zipped Up Infant Wrap (Promo)

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Loose blanket can be dangerous to your baby as they can cover baby’s faces when he/she tosses and turns, causing suffocation due to lack of oxygen. At the sametime, babies needs lots of cuddles and hugs to keep them feeling safe, secured and loved, especially just after birth! This can be achieved with the Go Snuggly Pod™ Zipped Up Infant Wrap! It is specially designed to cuddle the infant in the most simple and comfortable way! It also recreates the snugness of the womb, so babies startle less and stay asleep longer. Hugging the baby tight, keeping them soothed and comforted all night long. Quick and convenient zip line allow easy wearing & diaper changing ability, hassle-free. Made of finest quality knitted fabric provides maximum coolness and comfort.