[Made In Japan] Pigeon SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS Glass Bottle (160ml/240ml)(Promo)

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160ml (0+m)
240ml (3+m)

The feeding bottle with physiological nipple is specially designed for breastfeeding babies based on the scientific and practical research of the Pigeon laboratory.

Pigeon Realistic Glass Bottle 160ml

• 160 ml bottle
• Nipple size SS (0-1 months.)
• Protective cap-cap

Pigeon Realistic Glass Bottle 240ml

• 240 ml bottle
• Nipple size M (3+ months.)
• Protective cap-cap

Mode of application:

• It is recommended to wash and sterilize before use and during the entire period of operation.

• The tip of the nipple is made of a particularly thin and soft material. Be careful when cleaning and washing the pacifier. We recommend using special brushes for washing the delicate surface of the nipple and Pigeon bottle cleaner.

• Be sure to check the temperature of the liquid before feeding.

• Inspect the nipple before each feeding and check it by gently stretching it in different directions.

• Particular attention should be paid when using the nipple during teething in children. The pacifier should be changed at the first sign of damage or sprains.


Material: silicone (nipple), premium borosilicate glass (bottle), polypropylene (adapter ring, cap).