NUK 2 x Premium Choice PPSU Bottle + Baby Wipes (10s) x 10packs (Promo)

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The NUK Premium Choice system combines all orthodonic benefits of the nuk teat shape with the feeling of breastfeeding.
The NUK Premium Choice bottle is made from high quality PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), BPA-free.
It can withstand high temperatures (up to 180 degrees Celsius).
It comes with an orthodonic silicone bottle teat in size 1 for 0 to 6 months.
The teat has medium sized holes suitable for breastmilk and water.
Anti Colic system.

The wipes are soft & strong.
Ideal for use at diaper changes and as fresh up wipes.
Unique smaller dispensing hole ensures a better seal so wipes will not dry out.
Moistened using purified water.
Do not contain alcohol and are not bleached by chlorine.
Fragrance free extra large strong wipes.
Perfect for sensitive skin.
Soft feel for those delicate areas.
Extra moisturising.
Handy resealable packet.
10 wipes per pack.