NUK Doraemon Bottle with Teether (Promo)

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NUK 2x150ml Doraemon Bottle + FREE 3in1 Teether (Promo)

NUK 2x150ml Doraemon Bottle

Teat sizes: Size 1M (For newborn to 6 months old)

Product material
Teat: Silicone
Bottle: Polypropylene

Bottle Capacity: 300ml

Product features:
• With orthodontic silicone bottle teat size M (medium-sized hole) for baby formula
• With Nuk Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM to help prevent baby colic
• Bottle made from high-quality polypropylene plastic (PP) free from harmful substances ultra-light, highly robust, and even suitable for freezing
• Including protective cap, blind covers, and threaded ring
• Soft silicone
• BPA-free

NUK 3in1 Teether

Special Shae
It allows the canine and molar teeth to be reached

The Gentle massage effect relieves itching and discomfort

Water-soluble part
The soft structure that due to cold temperature exerts a calming and natural anti-inflammatory effect