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• Parents wash about 160 loads with rompers, bibs and tops in the first year of their baby’s life alone.
• So it is particularly important that the detergent they use is gentle to the skin – for after every wash the textiles come in direct contact with their baby’s gentle skin.
• NUK Laundry Detergent is based on an effective cleaning formula with natural enzymes which help to remove stains.
• All the active ingredients can be rinsed away completely, so they do not come in contact with a baby’s skin.
• The NUK Laundry Detergent is suitable for washing at between 20°C to 90°C and the 750 ml bottle is enough for approx. 12 wash loads.
• Parents need not worry when washing the laundry in a baby’s household – and can have a good feeling while doing the best for the whole family.


This bundle includes:

1 set of Laundry Detergent or 2 set of Laundry Detergent