Philips Avent Newborn Essential Kit (Promo)

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Say goodbye to harmful bacteria
Sterilizing is gentle, effective and chemical-free with Philips Avent. Every sterilizer uses the power of pure steam – nothing more, nothing less – to kill 99.9% of harmful germs*.

A sterilizing cycle lasts just 10 minutes
Experience speed and safety with the sterilizing cycle lasting just 10 minutes, after which the sterilizer automatically turns itself off.

Designed to reduce the chance of unpleasant odors
Our new drip tray protects the heating plate from milk droplets, reducing the chance of unpleasant odors.

Our sterilizer is designed for space-saving flexibility
Our advanced sterilizer is adaptable, reducing in size for smaller items like soothers, and to minimize your counter-top space when not in use.

Stays sterile for 24 hours*
The sterilizer's thorough, chemical-free cleaning will keep its contents sterile for up to 24 hours. How? Just keep the lid on.

Roomy inside, compact outside
Our sterilizer is slender and yet still holds up to six Philips Avent baby bottles. It also fits all the other essentials, from teats and soothers to a manual breast pump.

This sterilizer is quick and easy to clean
Top to bottom, inside and out, the sterilizer is quick and easy to clean – even the heating plate. So you get more time to be with your little one.


Bundle includes:
1. SCF291/01 Advanced Bottle Steam Sterilizer
2. SCF030/01 125ml Natural Bottle (single pack)
3. SCF030/01 125ml Natural Bottle (single pack)
4. SCF693/23 260ml Natural Bottle (twin pack)
5. SCF080/05 Ultra Air Soother 0-6M (twin pack) - (Random Design)
6. 7510894 Foldable Changing Pad