Pigeon Baby Foam Shampoo (08357/08358) (Promo)

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Shampoo Refills x2
Shampoo Bottles x2
Pigeon Baby Foam Shampoo (350ml x 2 Bottles/ 300ml x 2 Refills)

Special foam soap with a pH level of 5.6, that is most ideal for a baby's delicate hair and scalp
Helps retain skin moisture and protect baby's scalp against dryness with Vernix and Ceramide
Coloring Free
Dermatologically tested

What is Vernix?
Possessing a strong moisture retention ability, Vernix helps to keep babies' skins moist, displaying an ability to protect the immature baby's skin from dehydration.

What is Ceramide?
Found in the spaces in between cells in the outermost layer of skin, Ceramide is a natural substance that helps to maintain skin hydration.
Unscented (Blue)