Pigeon Clear Baby Soak and Wash Powder (Promo)

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1 Bottle + 1 Refill Pack
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Let Bubbles Do the Work! Clearbaby is the answer to your scrubbing woes. Literally, zero effort is needed on that!

Yes, it’s true and nope we’re not even close to exaggerating. All you need to do now with those dirty, stained, odor-filled drinking cups, nursing bottles, nipples, straws, and bibs is to soak them in Clearbaby and rinse them off with water! Speaking of solving the pain of parents, this actually solves the pain of many adults with beautiful white mugs ruined by coffee or tea stains.

Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / Component: 
Sodium Carbonate
(Oxygen system) Surfactant Alkaline agent
(Carbonate) Water softener
(Citrate) Enzyme