Pigeon SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS Wide Neck Winnie The Pooh Bottle (160ml / 240ml) - PPSU (Promo)

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** 0m+, 160ml, comes with SS size teat
** 3m+, 240ml, comes with M size teat

Baby bottle supporting breastfeeding.
Baby drinks her mother's breasts Movement of the mouth was studied over 60 years, with breastfeeding feeling nipples
The same mouth movement as you can drink your tits directly can be reproduced, so use with boobs is also smooth. Assist breastfeeding comfortably
Bottle with gentle roundness is easy to support and hold in hand, hard to roll shape
It is a bottle design pursuing a fit to the hand, easy to hold even in various breast feeding postures that change depending on the growth stage and the scene so that babies and moms can breast feeding reasonably
Easy to wash, easy to prepare, wide-mouth type.
It is made of high quality plastic (PPSU) which is light and hard to crack, also adopted for medical equipment.
Two sizes (160 ml · 240 ml) according to the baby's feeding amount.
The color of the cap can be selected from two colors.
There are also bottles of simple design made from heat-resistant glass and without a handle.
※ Breastfeeding nipple
focuses on the baby, especially the baby of a newborn baby just born .
As a result of continuing the research, three steps of feeding such a baby
1. Adsorption (kyukyaku)
2. Sucking (crisping)
3. Swallowing
We are pursuing the ability to reproduce.

■ Step 1: Bring to your head - Adsorption (Kyukyaku) The
same as the boobs when the baby is sucking, with a large caliber shape, the part of the isola is refreshing shape.
Even when putting in your mouth smoothly, urge the sucker function of the lip, you can firmly adsorb.
It is difficult to swallow extra air because adsorption can be done firmly.

■ Step 2: Extract breast milk by tongue movement - Sucking (Kyuto tsu)
out the breast milk by squeezing the nipple by a wave like movement of the tongue called a peristaltic movement . It is soft and thick to make this movement fulfilled.

■ Step 3: Swallowing - Swallowing (swallowing) Because
swallowing can be drunk with an appropriate amount of breast milk or milk according to the growth of the baby, swallowing is also smooth.

★ Breastfeeding feeling ® nipple
line up from SS size for newborn baby to LL size up to 9 months or more so that the shape and size of the suction hole can be changed for each age and growth .
It is designed to make an appropriate drinking method at that time and to enter the appropriate amount into your mouth.