Combi Tableware Combo Set

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Combi Tableware Combo Set
Give your baby step-by-step training in feeding themselves using the most comfortably shaped tableware with Combi Baby Label Tableware Combo Set. This set includes a compact cooking set (grinding plate, small plate, and cover), a feeding spoon, a feeding spoon for mashing, a cooking bowl, a baby first cup, a baby feeding bowl, a deep feeding bowl, a microwave lid, a lunch plate set, a noodle cutter, a masher and mini-rice ball spoon, a mini-colander, and a cooking bowl.

• Mini-rice ball spoon - can be used to prepare “mouthful-size” rice ball in a second
• Masher - flat bottom design allows grinding food easily
• Mini-colander - with measuring marks for use as a measuring cup
• Deep feeding bowl - thick handle makes it easy for the baby to hold
• Feeding bowl - colored handles encourage baby to grip the bowl
• A set with large and small plates to be used according to different purposes or growth stages with a lot of combination
• Noodle cutter - aside from cutting noodles, it can also cut meat, vegetables, cabbage, or carrots
• BPA-free
• Microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and steam sterilizer-safe

Babies five to six months (Swallowing Stage)
Babies seven to eight months (Mumbling Stage)
Babies nine months (Chewing Stage)