Joovy Boob PP Gift Set - Clear

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Joovy Boob PP Gift Set - Clear

• The vent's tabs fit perfectly into the bottle's neck, ensuring a proper fit and eliminating leaks or inconsistent liquid flow
• The bottle does not require assembly and there is no need to touch any part that comes in contact with the milk or formula
• Made from durable polypropylene plastic, each bottle is individually shrink-wrapped to deliver the highest level of cleanliness
• Bottle made from durable BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free plastic

This Gift Set Includes:
3 x 5 oz. PP bottles with stage 1 nipples,
1 x 5 oz. insulator,
3 x 9 oz. PP bottles with stage 2 nipples,
1x 9 oz. insulator,
2 x stage 0 nipples,
1 x stage 1 nipple,
1 x stage 2 nipple,
2 x 3 stage 3 nipples,
2 x X-Cut nipples,
3 x sealing caps,
2 x breast pump adapters,
1 x bottle brush and
1 x nipple brush.