Lucky Baby Bobee Baby Bath Tub

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Pink + Stand
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Bath Tub

  • Outer Size: 87 x 50 x 23cm.

  • Smooth edge - Perfect for tender skin.

  • Wider & stable - Light weight / Secure.

  • Removable newborn bath support for bath tub option - Provides a comfortable incline for baby.

  • Bonus bath scoop.

  • Comes with Water Thermometer.

  • Shower handheld spray hold - Ease mum hand & enjoy the fun time.

  • Tight drain plug for quick, complete water drainage.

  • Soap holder compartment - Parent east access.

Bath Stand

  • Open: 77 x 55 x 82cm.
  • Closed: 62 x 100cm.
  • Suitable up to 70kgs.
  • Foldable Bath Stand - Ideal for small urban home.
  • Added stability with 4 anti-slip rubber.
  • Drainage tube is included with purchase of the stand.
  • No more bending or kneeling to bathe your child.
  • Complies with SAFETY STANDARD EN 17072.

Suitable from 0 – 6 month (with stand) 6 month onwards (without stand)

No more bending or kneeling to bathe your child! Folding Bath Stand helps make bathing a baby easier and more convenient. The Folding Bath Stand has been designed to work only with Lucky Baby Bobee Bath Tub. The stand puts the baby bath at waist height to help stop Mom’s back aches and pains from kneeling or bending during bath time. A sturdy steel frame and skid-proof floor bumpers also give stability to prevent movement of the stand. It is compact and easy to store. The stand can either be folded for short term storage or easily disassembled for more compact long term storage.