Lucky Baby Sweepy Bottle Brush W/Teat Clearer - Bundle of 2

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Lucky Baby Sweepy Bottle Brush W/Teat Clearer (Bundle of 2)

The Sweepy Bottle Brush With Teat Cleanser is an all-time classic 2 in 1 brush with a great amount of usefulness. It has a specially designed curved brush head and molded handle tip reach the corners of all wide neck bottles, nipples, and feeding product for thorough cleaning. Durable high-density fine bristles for thorough cleaning all your bottles, nipples, and other feeding equipment effortlessly and gently without scratching the inner bottle and nipple. It's easy to reach every corner of the inside of baby's bottles, leaving them fresh and clean for the next feeding. The teat cleaner is conveniently fixed on the handle.

Product Details:
• Teat cleaner behind the handle
• Soft nylon bristles sweep up residue
• Designed to clean standard or wide neck bottle and different sized cups
• Prove to be a useful and essential tool for cleaning most baby's PP milk bottles and feeding cups
• Uses non-toxic substances