[Made In Japan] Pigeon Disney Baby Feeder Bib (10 Pieces) (Promo)

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How to use:

1. Turn the pocket holder out.

2. Separate the bib along the perforated lines by the neck area and remove the liner from the tape.

3. Place it around your child's neck and adjust it accordingly before sealing them together.

*If you press the tape strongly or peel it off strongly, you will not be able to reattach it. Handle it with care.

• Do not place near fire or in places with high temperatures.
• Do not use it for other than its intended purpose.
• Be careful not to cover your child's face as it may cause suffocation.
• Discontinue use if the size does not fit.
• Keep your child under supervision while using the bib.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• If you pull strongly on the neck or pocket, it may tear.
• Be careful not to scratch it with nails or blades.
• The printed part may be discoloured due to friction.
• For hygiene purposes, replace it after every use.
• Do not clean in the washing machine.
• Do not flush it down the toilet. It may cause clogging.

Size: W24cm x L21.5cm (Neck Circumference (max) 31.5cm)

Material: Front: Rayon non-woven fabric / Back: Polyethylene lamination processing