[Made In Japan] Pigeon Realistic Glass Bottle (160ml/240ml) (Promo)

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160ml (0+m)
240ml (3+m)

The Pigeon feeding bottle with a physiological teat is designed specifically for infants based on the scientific research in the Pigeon laboratory.

Created to support breastfeeding. Does not cause confusion in nipples. The unique design of the nipples allows you to reproduce the natural mechanisms of suckling the mother's breast. Has passed clinical studies (NZZD RAMS, 2013).

The nipple is made of very soft, resilient, and thick silicone, the unique design of the nipple stimulates natural sucking.

Matte textured surface helps secure nipple grip. The size of the nipple opening corresponds to the stage of development of the child.


Pigeon Realistic Glass Bottle 160ml

• 160 ml bottle
• Nipple size SS (0-1 months.)
• Protective cap-cap

Pigeon Realistic Glass Bottle 240ml

• 240 ml bottle
• Nipple size M (3+ months.)
• Protective cap-cap

Silicone (nipple)
Premium Borosilicate Glass (Bottle)
Polypropylene (cap-cap, adapter ring)
Does not contain Bisphenol-A


Sterilization methods: All parts can be sterilized by boiling (3-5 minutes), in a steam sterilizer (follow the instructions of the sterilizer), in a microwave oven (using special devices for sterilization), as well as using special chemicals.