Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson 1 (6-8 Months)

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For babies from 6-8 months with 0-4 milk teeth Co-developed with a leading paediatric dentist, Pigeon’s Training Toothbrush Lesson 1 is your baby’s perfect introduction to toothbrushing and good oral care habits. The soft elastomer head gently cleans your baby’s delicate teeth and massages their gums.

How long can it last?
3 years. Once in use, replace the toothbrush every 3 months

How to use the product?
Apply a rice grain size amount of fluoride toothpaste. Allow baby to brush their teeth for 2 minutes

How to sterilize the toothbrush?
Boiling, Steam or Chemical Sterilisation

How to clean the toothbrush?
Run under warm water. Dry completely before storing.

How to store the toothbrush?
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

What material is it made of?
Toothbrush: Polypropylene, TPE (SEBS) Safety Shield: Polypropylene

Run under warm water. Dry completely before storing.

Always use under adult supervision. This toothbrush is not a toy. Do not let the baby play with it. Soft elastomer parts may break if the baby bites or pulls them off. Replace immediately if elastomer parts are worn out or damaged. Refrain from using the product should you notice extensive tooth decay and/or sore bleeding gums. Seek a dentist’s advice immediately.

How to use?
Insert safety shield from the toothbrush head. Push the safety shield down until it snaps on securely. Allow baby to gently massage their teeth and gums.