NUK Milk Powder Dispenser

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The NUK formula milk powder dispenser offers a solution to one of the many frequent tasks parents face: measuring baby formula milk powder out precisely before preparing the feed.

These handy milk powder dispensers will help you to hygienically portion your formula milk powder in advance whether at home or out and about.



- Before first use place in boiling water for 5 minutes, use sufficient water to avoid damage. To ensure hygiene, clean thoroughly using mild washing up liquid and sterilize before every further use.

- Dishwasher safe. Suitable for NUK steam sterilizers and microwave stem sterilizers.

- Clean or sterilize each part separately to avoid material deformation.


Safety guidelines:

- Before each use inspects the product and throws away at the first sign of damage.

- Suitable only for storing nin-liquid foodstuff.

- Not suitable for food preparation in themicrowave(explosion and material damage danger).

- Not suitable for freezing (Possible expansion damage).

- Always use this product under adult suspension.