NUK Premium Choice Cup Set (Promo)

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'-NUK Premium Choice Cup 200ml with Extra Soft Spout, Training Spout, and Flexible Straw
-This Cup was designed based on the research of baby's movement, cognitive and oral development stages.
-6 months and above.
-Extra soft spout: is for children age 6 to 18 months as an intermediate step while your child continues to grow and gain additional skills and confidence. The extra softness of the spout helps protect the infant's sensitive gums. It is a safe and ideal solution for child to use independently.
-Training Spout is for children age 8 months or anytime when your child starts growing multiple milk teeth including lower and upper incisors and up to pre-school. The enhanced flow control helps to reduce the risks of choking. As your child is growing sharper milk teeth, the strength of this bite-resistant spout provides a safe and ideal solution.
-Flexible straw: Once your baby's sucking gain stronger, train him to drink using a straw.

-Versatile: Interchangeable base for Teat, Spout, and Straw
-Suitable for steam sterilization and boiling
-Easy to assemble and use
-Portable and compact size
-Microwave safe